Sep 22, 2009

Icky Cobwebs!

I look at my planner, and get a lump in my throat. "So much to do! So little time!" my brain says. It's true, that saying, but it doesn't have to be a damper. I'm struggling to get past the ho hum stage of my to do list. I think once I finally have the schedule working and down I'll feel better. As you view the updates (that is, if you go to the site) you might notice my signature has changed. I am referred to as Sara.B. I think in time everything will be switched to that instead of Sara Butcher. It's complicated when you get married and you make a living from your name. Sara.B is a nice in between, a compromise that people might still be able to recognize. I suppose we'll see. :)

For the past two days I've been dusting off the cobwebs in my site. Refreshed the look (as I always do) and made a mental list of things I need to work on with it. Updated the "What's New" and the "Shoppe". The look has basically a new background image and sidebar image. Other than that, same layout. Ditto with the Shoppe. Same look and template, just more items added. Today is not a website day, although I did upload it this morning and update the "What's New". But I have made it Mondays to be the day I update my site and online galleries. Today is Tuesday. Time to draw.

I pray for the best today, your scribbles, your thoughts, and your interaction with life. God bless.

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Carmen Medlin said...

You know, it's funny but I was just looking at your site yesterday and wondering what you would do about your last name! Heheh -- that seems a good compromise.