Sep 10, 2009

Runnin' like the Rabbit

Yay, I can post pictures again.

Since the wedding (Aug. 29th) Brian and I have been trying to get this wee apartment comfortable for two. We were very happy to see some of the gifts we received, many of them provided a starting point in rearranging. Then out to Target to make our studio/clothing room work for us both. The reason is because Brian, my husband, was living in a suitcase! Just couldn't have that. We bought some "put together yourself" drawers, brought in his shelving, his bulletin board, and also made him an office space. Brian gets the couch and coffee table in the studio. I have my corner, which is pictured. I brought in a few items on the walls to get everything off of my table. Now if I want to work large I can. Doing all of the wedding projects I realized I had too many things on my desk.

(forgive me if this all makes some little sense, I'm kinda out of it this morning...)

Moving on...
After a long while I think I have a system with my inspiration boards too, which has always bothered me.

On another note, while at Target we found this Epson printer for only $30. I said no way, and researched the lil' guy. It's an Epson Stylus NX100 with durabrite inks. The only negative reviews I found on it were the typical Epson reviews. Eats up ink and is loud. Not to mention you have to have everything moving and going if you want one thing to work. Ya, it's an all in one, but eh, who cares. Brian's actually excited about the scanning feature since he can hook this guy up to his laptop and not have to deal with my whole computer set up.

I'm pretty pleased with it...for only $30. In my mind it was a waste of money not to try it out. The ink situation is something I took care of a long time ago when my R2400 was running. Buy compatible inks online. Can always find ink selling for less than half the price Epson charges, and no microchip to say you're out 3/4ths of the way through. :)

I say, if you really need a printer now, grab the Epson Stylus NX100 at Target for $30. It's a great little guy. Yeah, he snores and makes loud noises (Madie seemed entertained), and he might eat a lot (go on the compatible diet), but definitely worth it.


Holly Durr Art said...

I have a epson sorta like that one, but soon found out about the inks. needless to say, I don't use it much. I switch back to my hp, because I get double or triple the amount of printing with it.

Sara Burrier said...

Go to and search for the epson printer you have. their inks are way cheap and are just as good. :) definitely worth it if you like the image quality Epsons provide.

Candace Trew Camling said...

my cat totally loves printers! He messed with the buttons on my old HP and screwed it up and made lots of copies!! So... when I got my new canon printer, I made sure it had a flap to cover the buttons and that everything could be closed up! HA! I foiled poor Oliver!

Carmen Medlin said...

Ooo, I'm totally jealous of your clean work table. ;) You are right, I *do* need shelves -- 'cept there is nowhere to put them but the walls above everything! My computer lives on my art desk too (it's a laptop, but still!) so that sure takes up a chunk of space.
WOW I can't believe you found an Epson for $30. I've been toying with the idea of a Canon all-in-one... does this Epson have separate color ink or is there just one color cartridge? The separate ones are what is killing me on ink cost. I am po'.

jg said...

We have that all in one printer for everyday use too, and it is fine.
Just a word of caution though, if you buy cheaper compatible inks, they will be dye based, and not archive quality. Worth buying the real Epson inks with their lightfast quality if you want to sell archive quality prints. Prints made with dye based inks fade fast.