Oct 5, 2009


You stopped and looked at me.

This past weekend I journeyed through a small women's treat, and I am so blessed and grateful that I had that opportunity. My faith is no secret to those who know me and those who follow my work online. It's the place all of my work stems from. My ministry are the paintings and drawings I create, whether it's a mouse shivering in the cold waiting to enter a warm home, a child laughing, or a fairy flying through some leaves. They all come from God and I fully claim that.

With reorganizing my business I've been praying again for guidance and direction. I have felt like I'm in limbo with what I am doing. I want it to do more, to glorify the Lord and give back for all that He has given me! I mentioned this to a fellow Christian woman, one who is seasoned and wise. She said that I am, even tho the commission I might be working on at the time isn't clearly evident it's for God, it is. I can claim it, I can create the piece while saying thanks and create it for Him. It doesn't matter the subject matter, it doesn't matter the business surrounding it. What matters is the person it is going to, how it alters their life, feelings, or home. Love, hope, light, and peace goes to them. This is God, and He is in each piece of my work.

This became clear to me on this retreat, among many other things. I paint beauty, it's an addiction, but view myself very low on the beautiful scale. God said He created the earth, which is full of beauty, and created me. How can I be any less beautiful? No matter our appearance we are all beautiful inside and out. Regardless of our past, our scars, or mold (which isn't meant to fit a cookie cutter). I paint beauty because it is how God sees us. It's through His eyes.

So today I ask that you take a moment and do what I did. Rest. Take a deep breath, know that if you don't make that phone call right now, or email that person this very instant, that life will continue. Life isn't about our to do lists or our accomplishments, tho our society says that it is. Life is about relationships with others, love, finding peace, and joy in every little thing around us. Exhale that deep breath, close your eyes, and thank He who created the wind, water, earth, and sky for such a beautiful day.

Believe me, it's worth that moment.

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Jenn said...

Sara, I know I told you earlier, but I'll say it again...God has blessed me with YOU! Your are such a source of inspiration to me and I love you, dear friend!