Nov 2, 2009

A Challenge

Don't challenges just frustrate you? Do you run away from them? Or are you like me, you welcome them and half way through you're wondering if accepting was a bad idea?

I welcome challenges because I know they will help me grow, especially in character. And lately, life has been all about choosing to take the easy road or the challenging road. It seems nicer and simpler to take the easy road...but in the long run you just keep desiring more feeling unsatisfied with the life given to you.

I take the challenge because it reminds me that I'M ALIVE. As much as I struggle and grit my teeth over it.

The sketch you see here is the result of something very challenging. Two weeks ago I spent hours fussing, erasing, critiquing, and sighing over the piece "Scepter in the Lake". Working on perspective issues, flow, technique, etc. It's a long list if you didn't get the idea. But now this is the follow up piece. I created a small storyboard for this story...that I am making up as I go...and this new drawing is three pages down from "Scepter in the Lake".

Don't get me wrong, this was not walk in the park either...working with more demanding one point perspective. I challenged myself. But things clicked faster and I feel this piece is stronger! All because of the headache involved with "Scepter in the Lake" (which happens to be one of my favorite paintings btw).

Embarking on a Spiritual Challenge

In the last month or two, there has been other challenges whispering in my ears. My faith is no secret and it is a big part of my work. It's where the light stems from and the rhythm drums to. During the prep for the wedding, and even after the wedding, my time wasn't spent with God. I went on a retreat and was renewed! But it fades so fast.

Now, about a month later I find myself desiring what I heard, saw, and felt at the retreat, but not knowing how. I set what I want to do, but it's very hard for me to keep motivating myself and sticking with a routine. Yesterday morning during coffee before church I was led to Proverbs 31 Ministry for women. I was in search of devotionals to maybe jump start my routine again. What I found was a great devotional! Today's was about reading God's word and challenged me to read the Bible in one year. Never done it. Too afraid to I guess because I can never keep a routine. But this one sounds exciting and maybe doable. There is a blog where the woman who I think started this, named Wendy, writes thoughts on each day's reading, then others from around the world who are also doing this make comments. I want to try it.

So I ask for you to pray for this journey I am preparing for. That the Lord will provide the materials I need for this challenge, for my heart, that it will be guarded from lies and that I will find strength in Christ, for through Him all things are possible. :)

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