Nov 24, 2009

So Grateful

Today I started my first correspondence to Bristi, a seven year old girl living in Bangladesh. I decided at the beginning of this month to sponsor a child with the funds I receive through my business. A journey I hope many of us can take together.

I had no idea how blessed I would feel just printing out a couple of photos and writing her a five sentence note! I am excited to hear back from her, tho I have learned that will take lots of patience. Bristi will write me three times a year. That's not a lot. I'm anxious to see that frown turn into a smile and learn about her.

This decision came after a long desire to sponsor plus a great service at church that discussed faith with finances and doing more for others. I believe the timing couldn't be any better since this is the time of year that we are to give thanks (in our country). I am grateful that God brought this upon my heart, I can't see my money doing any thing better than supporting this girl. I look around at what I have then read about what she has. I am living like a queen compared to her and her family. My apartment is small and I don't have much in way of money, but that is according to our country's standards...which are high if you compare to the rest of the world. By doing this I know I will die knowing I helped at least her with what I have been given.

It is my hope and desire to sponsor more than one child, but this is a great start. The foundation I'm working with is Compassion International. Brian suggested it when I said I was thinking of going through Child Fund. He has worked with youth groups that have used Compassion and I liked learning that almost 100% of the money I send goes directly to Bristi and her family.

About Bristi

She lives with her mother, father, and one sibling. She enjoys playing with dolls and reading, and attends Bible class regularly. Her responsibilities at home are carrying water and cleaning. Her dad sometimes works as a laborer and mom maintains the home. She lives on the plains of Ophapur, where the houses are constructed of dirt floors, mud walls, and corrugated iron roofs. They eat fish, rice and lentils and the common health problems are malnutrition, viral hepatitis, diarrhea, and skin diseases.

Please pray for Bristi and her family this holiday season, and remember the hundreds of thousands, upon millions of people on this planet that need help from us, the rich.

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Charisse said...

Sara, we have sponsored a child in Indonesia through Compassion for several years now, and we've never been sorry. Bless you for making a difference in a child's life!