Nov 10, 2009

Feelin' Crafty

{ silver fish | magnet | 2009 }

I'm in between projects at the moment...not wanting to continue on one of my paintings because I will be starting another next week that is priority. So with that what do I do with this week? Remember the charms I mentioned on my site and in my newsletter a few months ago? I feel out of my league. I didn't realize the intensity of making a 1x1 inch charm, if I was going to do this, it would take honing in a skill.

Yesterday I was led to visit Hobby Lobby. While I was there thoughts were racing through my head. I saw magnets and there it was, the thought that made sense to me. I love magnets...I love filling my fridge with them. They're like little mini collectibles and everyone has at least three.

After the accident with my charms (water spilled, they fall, some break, etc.) I decided to salvage what I had and make them into magnets. I want to add more than just an image. I have tons of little beads and want to use them. I also ADORE scrapbooking or any other kind of decorative paper. This way I can use both. Now cut me some slack, I'm no pro at these nor have I fully figured out how they will ultimately look as for design. But I have all week to work on that! I will be posting them on Etsy. I think that might tell me how I'm doin. :)

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