Nov 12, 2009

Lucky Charms

Er, I mean magnets. :P

So it has finally happened! The magnets are here and the charms are on their way. For the last week I have been crafting one of a kind magnets. Still getting the gist of them, but enjoying it to the fullest! With such large illustration projects going on, these are great little breaks.

Last night I created some package design too. Brian buys a lot of altoids throughout the year so we have tons of altoid tins sitting around. He came up with the idea of using them to ship my magnets and charms in. I'm so excited because with the package designed everything comes together so beautifully! Not an expert yet, but wow, I might actually keep up with these! Pray people, pray that I do.

Visit my etsy shop, there are four magnets up at the moment, and more will be uploaded tomorrow along with three charms for scrapbooking or jewelry!

1 comment:

FairiesNest said...

I just visited your shop and the magnets are wonderful!