Jun 4, 2010


 "The Light"
graphite pencil in sketchbook | 2010
One thing that I have noticed, time and time again while out with Candace at bookstores, is that I never truly know the illustrators who have impacted me.  I mean, there are TONS that I adore and get inspired by, but who are the legs I stand on and draw my style, color, and imagination from?  Who are the illustrators whose work I would purchase in book form as a library of knowledge, composition, and drive for my own work?

I am slowly beginning to find that list.  Here is what I have so far...I can't wait for it to grow!

David Christiana 
Becky Kelly
Cicely Mary Barker
Beatrix Potter
Matt Phelan
Brian Froud

I never realized how much these illustrators have impacted my life until I was reminded of David Christiana's work on Wednesday.  I knew of his work, but what I didn't know was I had been viewing it since I was a child through Disney.  Kinda makes sense now.  So I did the sketch up above Wednesday night after spending some time looking at his stuff online.  Fun!


Candace Trew Camling said...

It still looks like your work to me! I heart it!

maggie said...

I have to say..your art is an inspiration to me.

Christina Silverio said...

Your art is just incredible; so very glad I stumbled across your blog!