Nov 17, 2008

Rickie's Bad Day

So tonight was Ardent, a gathering here in Des Moines....annnnd....aside from one friend who showed up around one else showed. But I was prepared for that, so I took along some printed photos of deer and raccoons. I drew a page of raccoons and discovered I adore drawing them. They're actually pretty easy to do.

See the page in my sketch blog saradoodles

And out of those sketches came Rickie. Rickie is of Grumpy from the CareBears. Thats Rickie. It's hard for him to have a good day. And here...he's just shoveled, only to finish to a new downfall of snow. Poor Rickie.

Digitally colored.


Dawn Obrecht said...

Rickie is too cute. At least you got something accomplished...sorry no one else (save one) showed.


Candace Trew Camling said...

Hey! As soon as things settle down...and I have a working car, I plan to start coming again. The last few weeks have been stupid crazy!
This is the cutest little raccoon guy ever!! I love the colors too!

Linda said...

Ååååhå! So cuuute! I just wanna hug him!!

Mette said...

Extremely cute. :)