Nov 1, 2008

Sketching daily?

So the other day I was surfin' the web (a habit I'm beginning...thank you Brian for the inspiration! hehe), and have discovered how useful the web can be at times. I've never been a BIG blog person...I have a hard enough time remembering what day it is let alone keeping up a blog. Yet in that day of surfing I came across some great rants and ramblings on other illustrators' blogs.

I don't know about you, but I miss the community I had while in college. All of us together, illustrators, animators, comic artists, graphic designers. My close group consists of all of these talents and the critiques/small talks where awesome. Now, its just Madie. But she just wants to be petted. I get fantastic affirmations from Brian, and some small talk about art here and there, but nothing compared to what I had in school. Brian, me, and a few other friends have been trying to create a group of fellow artists here in the community, but it's small growing.

My point is, surfing on the web has kind of filled that gap, a little. Reading other illustrators journeys, their process, etc. Sooo I found this blog and this post titled "Just Draw!". It really hit me. Also recently my friend Candance has inspired me to keep sketching. This blog post about drawing every day just ran it home for me. Even when I want to paint, if I haven't sketched, then I'm not ready to paint. I have also found this helpful in just creative thinking. I instruct my students to free draw every class period, yet don't do the same for me. It's about time, thus...this blog.

Warrior Princess' Dream already has enough going on, kinda feel overloaded (considered making a blog for just IF but decided not to). So here's a wee page filled with fun and probably sometimes odd sketches. Just doodles. :)

So here is what I doodled today...

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Anonymous said...

Yay, a new Sara blog for me to watch! I love your sketches. :)