Sep 29, 2009


I have a membership with and really haven't taken advantage of it since I signed up, which was a month or so before my wedding. Last night I was going through my online galleries and visited EBSQ. They have month shows that members can enter and was curious to know what was up. I found that a topic I could easily approach was rodents.

I have always drawn my mice in a more cartoon form, but after reading the guidelines for the show I took it as no imagination involved. This is up for debate...because what they said is it must be a real or was alive rodent. A wee bit confused, but was stricken and immediately started to draw a small mouse. Also last night I ate some almonds...and when I was drawing I was drinking coffee. Thus, we have a small white mouse, eating almonds, by a coffee mug. Huh. Ever wonder where artists get their ideas? :P

Visit the show, members and non-members can view it. A good friend, Carmen Keys, has also submitted her ADORABLE works. No wonder she wins a lot of these shows...her work is just so soft, full of light, and precious.


Heather said...

He may not be your typical style mouse, but he's an absolute cutie! I love your color choices too. :)

I stumbled on your blog from Anthony VanArsdale's blog... and your work is great!

Julia said...

This painting is so cute.

Amy C said...

so very sweet.

Jare said...

(I love what inspires us; sometimes just the littlest of things can make a masterpiece)
Love your blog, I sketch sometimes and watercolor every once in a while. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed going through your posts.


Carmen Medlin said...

Aw, thanks for the kind words! *blush blush*

Your mouse is SOOO cute, I can't stand it. I think he will steal the show! Look at his wee whiskers. ;)

BFArt School Girl said...

you really remind of beatice potter good work