Nov 3, 2009

Nothing for Us?

So I got a Christian Book Distributors catalog today and thought how cool that I get to see who the publishers are of childrens Christian books! I found some names and started researching online. The only submissions listed are for writers. The sites they get their writers from are only for Christian writers. Authors, writers, etc....what about us? What about the illustrators? I'm a bit discouraged. The thought of sending a postcard to the editors has crossed my mind, and what would it hurt? But it sometimes feels like the illustrations are the farthest from their minds.

The online groups I have found for Christian illustrators aren't large or well known. If you know of one and I missed it please let me know! But if there are great big sites for writers, why not at least one for illustrators? Is it assumed that it doesn't matter the illustrator, as long as they can paint what the publisher wants?

I don't mean to sound rude, and if I do please do not take it personally (publishers, authors), but as a Christian illustrator I would like to be part of the club too. I think there are enough Christian illustrators out there to fill an online portfolio directory! If I could, I would create one.


Candace Trew Camling said...

I think there is a directory for Christian Publishing for Children... I just need to find the name... its like the childrens writers illustrators guide.

Sara Burrier said...

There is a group called the Christian Writer's Market, but then I'm in the same boat. Sending postcards without knowing any submission info regarding the illustrator. :/

Sara Burrier said...

sorry, I meant book. :P

Phyllis said...

You should definitely send postcards to editors (so long as you know they handle childrens' books as opposed to adult material). From my personal experience, I've had some jobs where I've worked only with editors and not at all with art directors. It's worth a shot.

Love your work by the way - from a long-time lurker. :)